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I am not a genius, billionaire, playboy, or philanthropist, and that is partly by design. I’ve written epic fantasy, urban fantasy, YA fantasy, graphic novels, Christmas stories, even a western, but one book you will never see attached to my name? Memoir.

Wow, would that be boring. I couldn’t fill a page. I’m not saying my life is a mind-numbing, endless string of day clones . . . because I don’t have to. My family will tell you that. Or they would if they hadn’t drifted off to sleep while I wrote this.


Let me tell you a secret – boring is good,  at least for a writer. Or maybe just for me.


When you and your surroundings are boring, you

never get distracted, never waste inspiration that flashes and burns in your mind only, never miss a thread of thought that will lead you down paths not yet forbidden, because they haven't even been conceived.


My mantra is all about boring. New things aren’t necessarily bad, but if I can tell a new element of my life will, at some point, require me to think about it, I excise said new thing at the next rest stop.


Thought is precious. Thought should be directed, never extracted. I live a boring life in an effort to see only my latest novel. My stories are never boring, though let me know if you disagree. Perhaps there are levels of dull I have yet to plumb.

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12.14.19 - Daybreak Winter Market. 9 AM to 1 PM. 4544 W Harvest Moon Dr (Gymnasium), South Jordan, UT. I will have a booth and will sell my book Six Christmas Stories and my new book, Five Christmas Stories. Really thought hard on the last title.

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