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Arrogance in every beginning

You ever feel like that?

I just put this website together and in a moment I will click a button and post my first blog entry. Why?

First steps can lead to the top of Everest, but they more often lead to nothing. Amazon delivered flowers to my wife today - and that's great - but the house that Bezos built also has a billion Kindle books for you fickle readers to peruse. Sometimes it feels like fortune favors the lighting rod.

Yet here is my offering, my first step, my hope for a hero's portion. I will make you laugh. I will make you cheer. You will weep. You will cringe. You will fear the dark in your closet and pay me for the privilege.

What hubris. I can't help but look at the picture above. There I am, alone in a chair. Come to think of it, there's really not any room for you.

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