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Yogurt Sauce

There’s a place out by the SLC airport that has great gyros. I went out with a friend today, and I got the yogurt sauce while he did tomato sauce. I suppose the tomato sauce could be good, but I will never try it.

Now I’m not one that won’t try new things, but every once in a while I find a dish at a restaurant that is so perfect I feel like I am cheating on it if I order anything else. There was a burger joint famous in Utah for a number of years, and it had a Bacon Swiss burger that blew my mind. I’ll bet I ate there two hundred times in my life before the restaurant closed, and I never ordered anything else.

I think it’s interesting that there might have been a hamburger at the restaurant that I would have liked better. I will never know. I will also never know if the tomato sauce at the Greek place is good either. Does that really matter?

I think you can waste your life if it’s always about getting the bigger better. There will always be a bigger. There will always be a better. If we could all find our gyro and just stick with it, I think that could solve a lot of our problems because, dude, that yogurt sauce is killer.

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