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Kristin Kakes was fundamentally changed last week by a simple, chocolate shake. Kristin can't explain it.


She hasn't become a new person. Kristin is still a good student, she is still driven to succeed and do her best, but the world has opened up to her. She is stopping to smell the roses now, and she never comprehended how wonderful that can be.


Maybe Kristin's story could stop right there, but really, do good stories ever end? The pocket hole still exists, and even though Kristin tells herself that Tommy Amsterdam means nothing to her, she has a hard time not looking for him in the halls.


Tommy made a big splash the last time he introduced Kristin to the pocket hole. It seems he has a talent for that. At a football game, Tommy does something rather spectacular, and to avoid his just-created infamy, Tommy jumps down the pocket hole again. Should Kristin follow him?


Is that really a question?

PH 2 is available on Amazon in Paperback, Kindle, and Audiobook.

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