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The second time through the pocket hole will not go down in history as a rousing success for Kristin Kakes.


She did eke out a happy ending for a Barbie and a cat heading for a Romeo and Juliet dénouement. She also carved an epic ride into a wave so big the word tidal is now being used to describe things viewed through a microscope. And if that isn’t enough, Kristin has fallen for the bewildering, enigmatic, heroic, terribly cute Tommy Amsterdam. Not a bad list for a day’s work. So how is it that she’s going to Homecoming with high school quarterback Chad Chitley?


Kristin needs to find her way back into the pocket-hole world, but Tommy has disappeared. Without a pocket hole of her own, Kristin has no way of returning there so she can drag Tommy back and place him firmly by her side. Hand in hand.


Oh, she liked the feel of Tommy’s hand in hers. He'll come around, if she can just find him.


And what about this Mister Moon character? Who does he think he is messing with Kristin’s love life?


Someone’s going to pay, and his first name seems to be Mister.

PH 4 is available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle.

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