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That first kiss in front of the prison was life changing. But so is having a boyfriend with parents richer than Midas.

Kristin has never had a hard time keeping up with boys, but Tommy Amsterdam’s talent for surprising her at every turn is pushing her limits.

Thankfully, they’ve escaped the clutches of Mister Moon and left him far behind. Kristin won’t admit it, but she could use a breather. The problem is, the pocket hole throws its weight around sometimes, even if you’ve already found what you need.

When Mister Moon kidnaps someone who means more to Kristin than life itself, a return through the pocket hole thrusts her into a fight on Mister Moon’s own turf.

No big deal. She’s Kristin Kakes. Pronounce that any way you want. You mess with her, it always spells trouble.

PH 4 is available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle.

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