I’ve been content for so long.

Forty years ago, depression chased me to a place where I don’t feel, where no one can see me, where I watch but don’t participate in the lives of all the normal people. I call this place I have found the side world. There is no joy, no laughter, no kindness in the side world, but the void of self-hatred I once knew is also absent. I considered this a fair trade.


Until today.


A woman found my side world today. She burns with a passion to find a truth she thinks hidden here. The side world is a big place. I could ignore her like I ignore so many things,, but her desire has infected the very air I breathe. I am starting to feel things, starting to remember the awful truth of the normal world - that entropy eventually drags all life down to the great negative. There is no escape.


Perhaps I should kill the woman. Perhaps I should help her. It’s hard to make sense of the sea of emotions inside of me, none of which I have felt in decades.


Feelings are a bitch.

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