Prince Velan of Sonoria is all a future king should be. Noble, gracious, strong of mind, body, and character. He lives a seemingly charmed life, and even in a time of peace, he is a man soldiers flock to follow.


Dorian has spent his life preparing to be Velan’s counselor. A brilliant, talented, dangerous man, some of his superiors fear his potential.


  • A Shield without equal?

  • A king unmatched in history?


These two heroes and others will be needed. A cruel day approaches. The end of humanity is a specter forming on the horizon. The dark god Leijen approaches. Banished thousands of years ago at great cost, Leijen's preparations for his return are extensive.


The title of Shield and king will soon lose their meaning, but from the ashes two might rise who will deny the designs of a god.


All three books of the trilogy together now in one - Shadow and Shade, Son of Memory, My Brother My Enemy.

The Without Mother Without Father trilogy is available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle.